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Chris Bumstead already working on a CBUM supplement featuring stimulants

Raw Cbum Series Pre Workout

Only a few days ago, two-time and current Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead announced he had come onboard with Raw Nutrition as a co-owner of the company. He promised to be deeply involved with the brand and everything it does, and already it seems like Bumstead and Raw have something cooking that looks to be about ready and dropping soon.

In the image above, you get a glimpse of an all-new supplement that features the Raw Nutrition logo and looks very different from anything else under the brand. It also appears to say “CBUM” down the side, which is Chris Bumstead’s Instagram handle; that the formula inside includes stimulants; and it has the entertaining line “Don’t Be A Pu**y. Take Two Scoops.”

Based on all of those details, we’re guessing fresh off of Chris Bumstead becoming a co-owner of Raw Nutrition; the brand is coming out with a CBUM Series or even a CBUM Edition pre-workout. It is clearly some sort of special edition product with that alternative blue and white branding, and the stimulant and “Two Scoops” details are what point it in the direction of pre-workout.

Raw Nutrition has had an impressive run throughout 2021, coming out with several all-new supplements, and now with Chris Bumstead at the wheel, things are only picking up. We look forward to seeing what the CBUM pre-workout turns out to be and anything that follows, as it hasn’t even been a week with Bumstead in his role, so there is definitely more coming.

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