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Fire and ice clash in what turns out to be a special edition Canteen flavor series

Redcon1 Fire And Ice Canteen

We have already featured Redcon1 twice today, once for its celebratory fifth birthday sale, where it has a buy one get one free promotion on its website and another for the launch of its awesome Redcon1 Meals. We actually have one more bit of news from the two-time Brand Of The Year winner relating to a pair of products previewed the weekend just been.

Redcon1 recently unveiled two new flavors of its hydration supplement Canteen with what we thought to be Peach but is actually a recipe called Plum Fusion and Blue Freeze. Those products are now available for purchase, and while we suspected them of being a potential rebrand, they actually make up a special edition collection called Fire versus Ice.

The idea is the classic combination of a red, warm design versus that of a blue, cold color scheme, and that is what you get in Plum Fusion and Blue Freeze Canteen. As mentioned, the new flavors are now available from Redcon1’s online store, and if you get in soon, you can take advantage of its birthday sale and walk away with a tub of each flavor for $15 a piece.

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