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Remix Nutrition Hostess Proteins Come To Campus Protein

Remix Nutrition is a creative collaboration specializing brand from the major supplement retailer, and that is initially where you were only able to purchase it. The brand started and still has the one product available with Premium Protein Blend in three authentic Hostess flavors with Hostess Cupcakes, Hostess Twinkies, and Hostess Zingers.

We’re bringing up’s collaboration brand this week as it has expanded its availability to its first supplement retailer outside of itself. The selective store Campus Protein has picked up Remix Nutrition and its product Premium Protein Blend in all three of its authentic Hostess snacks flavors, Cupcakes, Twinkies, and Zingers.

The price of a single 2lb tub of Remix Nutrition’s protein powder is the same at Campus Protein as it is at at $29.99. However, at the moment, the original retailer is running have a rather hefty sale on the supplement, discounting it by just over 40% to $17.39.