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XXL makes a vegan version of its N’Joy RTD with less protein and a lot more calories

Xxl Nutrition Njoy Protein Drink

Earlier this year, European retailer and brand XXL Nutrition created a plant-based, vegan-friendly version of its original high-protein snack, the N’Joy Protein Bar. There is an N’Joy Protein Drink, and this week, much like it did with the N’Joy Protein Bar to N’Joy Vegan Bar, XXL has created a plant-based version of its high-protein and on-the-go N’Joy Protein Drink.

Compared to the regular drink, XXL Nutrition’s all-new N’Joy Vegan Drink has a lot less protein, packing almost half at 17g versus 32g, all coming from pea protein. It is supremely high in other areas of nutrition, providing 17.6g of fat and 40.6g of carbohydrates with 11.4g of that sugar, giving it a hefty calorie count of 403, making it very different from the original.

XXL Nutrition’s N’Joy Vegan Drink is more of a meal replacement than a lean high-protein drink like the regular N’Joy Protein Drink, as not only does it have almost half the protein, it has over twice the calories. You can purchase the product from the brand’s online store in the one Vanilla flavor for slightly more than the dairy version at €13.95 for a pack of six.