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Apollon teases its second limited edition combination supplement Timecop

Apollon Nutrition Timecop

Double Time is Apollon Nutrition’s limited edition, intense, and well-dosed combination pre-workout that brings together the power of its popular pre-workouts, the high-powered Assassin and the more balanced Hooligan. The concept of combining two supplements into one was well-received by fans, so much so, the brand recently brought back Double Impact for another run and with a few tweaks.

In a couple of days on Monday, Apollon Nutrition is sharing more information on a mysterious new product named Timecop, and like Double Impact, it is a combination supplement. The hardcore company has not revealed what two products it is a combination of, only saying that it’s two of its more popular competitors, like Assassin and Hooligan, although this time around they are not from the same category.

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition is revealing all you need to know about its second combination supplement this Monday, and it should be quite interesting. The fact we’re getting two separate categories on this one as opposed to Double Impact clashing two pre-workouts, will likely result in a diverse and loaded formula. We’ll share the details when they come in next week, so be sure to tune back in then.