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Apollon makes a few tweaks for its second coming of the loaded Double Impact

Apollon Nutrition Double Impact V2

A few weeks ago, hardcore supplement company Apollon Nutrition teased the return of its intense combination pre-workout Double Impact, which brings together features of two products. Double Impact is a blend of the brand’s two popular pre-workouts, the balanced Hooligan and the high-intensity Assassin, and launched at the start of the year and only around for a limited time.

Today we can confirm it is no longer a hint or teaser; Apollon Nutrition has come out and announced its limited-edition Double Impact pre-workout is making a return. The combination supplement is actually launching directly through the brand’s website later this week, and as suspected and in typical Apollon style, the upcoming Double Impact is a V2 with a handful of changes.

Apollon Nutrition’s first Double Impact was already a loaded pre-workout, featuring a huge 27g serving size and including hefty highlights such as 7g of pure citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, and 3.5g of beta-alanine. It also came with a whole bunch of stimulants to give it that Assassin intensity with 300mg of eria jarensis, 60mg of isopropylnorsynephrine, 2.5g of alpha yohimbine, and a combined 600mg of caffeine.

Apollon Nutrition Double Impact V2 Label

We’ve added the facts panel for the second coming of Double Impact in the image above, and despite how impressive the original was, Apollon Nutrition has stepped things up with a few tweaks. Basically, every ingredient and dose has remained, with the exception of DMAE and isopropylnorsynephrine, which has been swapped for 300mg of juglans regia, and alpha yohimbine has been lowered by 20% to 2mg.

The formula has been more refined for Double Impact V2, similar to what Apollon Nutrition did for its most recent version of Assassin. The upcoming return of Double Impact still aims for that comprehensive experience of energy, focus, pumps, and performance, but now with a better balance overall. As an added bonus, the product is also said to taste a lot better.

Once again, Apollon Nutrition’s second Double Impact is rolling out this week and will be available through the brand’s online store for only a few dollars more than its predecessor at $67.95 for a tub of 20 full servings.