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Bowmar’s dedicated hydration supplement is getting a second flavor midday tomorrow

Bowmar Nutrition Apple Plum Replenish

To close out this week, Bowmar Nutrition is dropping another product at its usual new release time of midday Eastern Time on Friday, with the supplement getting the attention this time being Replenish. That is the ever-expanding and hard-working brand’s dedicated hydration formula, available exclusively in single-serving stick packs and featuring a combination of vitamins and electrolytes.

Bowmar Nutrition currently has only one flavor to choose from for Replenish in a refreshing Cucumber Mint, so the upcoming drop will likely be welcomed by fans. As for what that flavor is, similar to Replenish’s original option, its second brings together two tastes with Apple Plum. Once again, that product is launching tomorrow at midday Eastern Time through the brand’s online store.

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