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Supersonic Freak revealed to have separate powder and capsule products inside

Closer Look At Pharmafreak Supersonic Freak

Pharmafreak came out this week and announced that a new version of its muscle builder Creatine Freak would be the first supplement to launch from its long-awaited Red Label Series. As previously promised, it is going to be a lot more than a typical straightforward creatine product, bringing together two types of creatine, super berberine, and the focus supporting lion’s mane.

Another supplement that will be in PharmaFreak’s Red Label Series but coming after Creatine Freak is the intriguing pre-workout concept Supersonic Freak. Much like Creatine Freak, the brand said Supersonic Freak would have a unique twist to it to separate it from your typical pre-workout, and this week we’ve got a better idea of what that is going to look like.

PharmaFreak has been nominated for’s Breakout Brand Of The Year award, which is impressive for how long it’s been around, but mixed in with that news, the brand has shared another look at Supersonic Freak. You can see that sneak peek up close in the image above, where we see that Supersonic Freak is coming in a box consisting of two separate supplements.

One of those Supersonic Freak products will be in flavored powder form and the other in capsules, and presumably, you’ll be able to combine them. Pharmafreak describes the supplement as a “Super Nootropic Pump Pre-Workout”, leading us to suspect the powder product will cover you on the pump side and the capsules the focus and other stimulating ingredients.

While the latest update on PharmaFreak’s Red Label Series Supersonic Freak doesn’t include too many details, it’s more than enough to keep our excitement going. As mentioned, it’ll be arriving after Creatine Freak, which is the same rough time frame on the Red Label versions of Test Freak and the all-new Mental Freak.