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Pharmafreak combines creatine, lion’s mane and berberine for its first Red Label product

Pharamfreak Creatine Freak Red Label Series

One of the many Red Label Series supplements Pharmafreak previewed earlier in the year was a spin-off of its creatine-based product Creatine Freak. In that initial preview, all we could confirm was that there would indeed be a Creatine Freak supplement under the brand’s Red Label Series and that it is not your typical straightforward creatine.

PharmaFreak is now preparing to roll out its long-awaited and rather unique Red Label Series and Creatine Freak is going to be the first product under it to hit the market. In anticipation of that upcoming supplement, the brand has shared a better look at it, revealing a little bit about what will make it different from other creatines on the market.

The big theme for PharmaFreak’s Red Label Series is each of its products has some sort of hybrid approach. That is the case with the Red Label Creatine Freak, which combines two sources of creatine in monohydrate and HCl, with the nootropic lion’s mane for added focus. To top it off, the brand is also throwing the quality glucose disposal agent, super berberine.

As mentioned, Creatine Freak is going to be the first supplement under PharmaFreak’s Red Label Series to hit the market and will do so within the next few weeks. The brand’s other previously previewed products are going to follow, including a Red Label version of Test Freak, the all-new Mental Freak, and the mysterious and intriguing Supersonic Freak.