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G Fuel celebrates Gamma Labs turning 17 years old with a Confetti Cake flavor

Confetti Cake G Fuel

G Fuel has been incredibly busy this year, and while we haven’t counted, it has likely dropped more flavors, collaborations, and special edition spin-offs of a flagship supplement than anyone else. In the past couple of days alone, the gaming brand announced two new flavors of its energy and focus-enhancing supplement themed around Halloween, although it turns out that wasn’t quite enough.

The ever-growing G Fuel has come out and revealed yet another new flavor of its signature product separate from the returning Sour Nightmare Fuel and the all-new Candy Corn from the past couple of days. This one is actually something to celebrate the original brand behind G Fuel in Gamma Labs, turning an impressive 17 years old, and the flavor is, of course, a birthday cake creation.

G Fuel has called its celebratory flavor Confetti Cake and likens it to a slice of deliciously sweet birthday cake. It comes with all of G Fuel’s usual energy and focus ingredients with no sugar and only 15 calories per serving. The product will be available for purchase soon, and if you want to sign up to be notified as soon as it goes live, you can do so on the brand’s website.

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