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Oat-based Warrior Raw Protein Bar welcomes a traditional cookies flavor to its menu

Cookies And Cream Warrior Protein Flapjack

The always expanding UK brand Warrior Supplements, known for its flavorful Warrior Crunch Protein Bar, has added another option to one of its snacks, although this time it’s not that flagship Warrior Crunch. The brand is welcoming another flavor to its oat-based Warrior RAW Protein Flapjack this week, which being a flapjack, isn’t as lean, packing 20g of protein, 34g of carbohydrates, 3g of fat, and 259 calories.

The Warrior Protein Flapjack already has plenty of tastes to choose from, including the likes of Honey Berry, Rainbow Cupcake, and White Chocolate Cranberry, and now there is also a classic Cookies and Cream. The all-new flavor packs the product’s usual 20g of protein, a reasonably low amount of sugar at 3.14g, and it’s available starting this week through the brand’s own online store with other locations to follow.