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Up-and-coming Klout PWR releasing a Halloween flavor series on October 10th

Klout Pwr Halloween Flavors

The colorful, up-and-coming, and growing supplement company Klout PWR has been introducing all-new products over the past few months, with its most recent one being the sleep formula PWR Off. For October, the brand is once again treating fans and followers to something new and exciting, although it is not a completely new supplement this time around.

On Sunday the 10th of October, in the spirit of Halloween, which is, of course, a few weeks later, Klout PWR is releasing a series of special edition, alternatively branded flavors of three of its products. You can see how different those flavors look in the image above, and there will be a very limited amount, so you’ll want to get in as soon as they become available.

The flavors Klout PWR has come up with are Poison Apple for the Klout PWR Pre-Workout, a sour apple and cranberry recipe; Voodoo Tonic for the stimulant-free and stackable pre-workout Klout PWR Pump; and finally, Kandy Bar for the brand’s whey-based protein powder, a delicious creation said to taste like a combination of the Twix candy bar and Reese’s.