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MADMONQ covers its second limited version in artwork by Frantisek Sedlacek

Madmonq Heroes Edition

MADMONQ is a gaming supplement company out of the Czech Republic that puts energy and focus enhancing ingredients into chewable tablets, as opposed to the more common powder or beverage. The growing brand may still have only one product available, but it has great marketing and is back in the news this week with a special edition version of its signature chewable supplement.

Like the Dark Edition of MADMONQ’s self-titled product released in August of last year, the brand has taken its flagship supplement and wrapped it in an awesome-looking box for MADMONQ Heroes Edition. You can see the product in the picture above covered in artwork by Frantisek Sedlacek and featuring a whole bunch of streamers in action, which is right in line with the brand’s market.

From what we know, MADMONQ Heroes Edition packs all of the same active ingredients as the regular version, including bacopa, rhodiola, choline, Spectra, and a moderate 155mg of caffeine. If you head to the brand’s website and purchase the limited-time supplement at €26.95 (31.14 USD), you’ll also get a full-sized poster of the eye-catching artwork on the Heroes Edition free.

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