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Fans of Misfits can now enjoy its latest protein bar flavor in its protein powder

Misfits Cookies And Cream Vegan Protein Powder

Following the release of its flagship protein bar in a delicious-looking Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Misfits has taken that flavor and put it together for another item. While the UK-based vegan-friendly brand is primarily known for its protein bar, it does have other products on the market, including Very Happy Insides for gut health and the superfood formula Immunity Boost.

Vegan Protein Powder is another supplement available from Misfits, which is essentially a protein powder alternative to its protein bar, packing a good amount of protein per serving at 20g, all from plant sources. It is that product the brand has added its recently released Cookies ‘N’ Cream flavor to, still promising that sweet cookie and milky cream combination.

Misfits’ all-new Cookies ‘N’ Cream Vegan Protein Powder has the supplement’s usual 20g of protein per serving, 1.6g of carbohydrates with only 400mg of that sugar, 2.3g of fat, and 113 calories. You can pick up the product today from the brand’s website at £19 (26.16 USD) for a half a kilogram bag, the same value as Vegan Protein Powder’s other three options.

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