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Muscle & Strength increases the savings on MusclePharm’s Combat Energy drink

Musclepharm Combat Energy Drink

When MusclePharm recently released its long-awaited return to the energy drink category with Combat Energy, it arrived exclusively at the retailer Muscle & Strength and with some strong introductory deals. As a quick refresher, the product itself is powered by a solid 300mg of caffeine for that increased energy with a light 600mg of BCAAs, and it’s nutritionally friendly with no calories.

The two deals MusclePharm’s Combat Energy drink had on launch were a case of 12 at $23.99 down from its regular Muscle & Strength price of $29.99, and two cans for the price of one at $1.50 each. If you weren’t quick enough to act on either of those initial offers, they are no longer available; however, two more have since become available, one slightly better and the other not so much.

Over at Muscle & Strength, the price on a case of the Combat Energy drink has been discounted even further, beyond that initial $23.99, with a dozen cans now costing $19.99, working out to $1.66 each. The price on a single can of the beverage has been lowered too, although without that buy one get one free offer, currently sitting at $1.99 a can, which is great for those just looking to try it.