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Mutant delivers full dosages and a balanced formula in its long-awaited All-In pre-workout

Mutant All In

Mutant’s long-awaited and loaded pre-workout All-In has arrived as promised, right on the first day of this year’s Mr. Olympia Expo in Orlando, Florida. The legacy brand has been teasing the supplement for the past few months, saying it put a lot of focus on a comprehensive formula with solid dosages of reliable ingredients, and that is precisely what All-In is.

The formula behind Mutant’s All-In pre-workout has ingredients covering you from increased energy and mental focus to improved muscle pumps and better performance. The brand has gone for a balanced approach, as previously mentioned, not leaning too much towards one area or the other, such as intense stimulation over strength and performance.

Mutant All In

Balanced formula

Interestingly, Mutant’s All-In has the three all-important BCAAs at a dose of 6g per serving to support muscle recovery, which is something we’ve seen before, but it’s certainly not common. To support pumps and performance, alongside the BCAAs you get a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, 3g of tried and true creatine monohydrate, 6g of citrulline malate, 2g of betaine, and 150mg of the premium elevATP.

To further the performance support, Mutant has thrown in a blend of hydration ingredients with premium Aquamin minerals and pink Himalayan sea salt. The rest of the All-In formula is there to power energy and mental focus with 100mcg of huperzine a, 600mg of tyrosine, and lastly, a reliable 320mg of caffeine coming from two separate caffeine sources.

Mutant All In Label

Mutant hasn’t launched a new supplement for the highly competitive pre-workout category for many years, so All-In is a major release due to both the long-running build-up it’s had and the area it’s entering. It is great to see the brand follow through on its promises with several solid dosages filling out the formula and that balanced approach, evenly supporting all of the core pre-workout effects.

Where to buy

All-In is available now from Mutant’s online store and with several purchase options. There are three flavors in Melon Candy, Blue Sharkberry, and Tropical Cyclone, all available in a tub of 18 servings at $49.99. There is also an intensely competitively priced trial size six serving tub at $4.99 in only Melon Candy and a tube of 12 half serving stick packs at $16.99 in Tropical Cyclone.

For the weekend of the Mr. Olympia and to truly celebrate the launch of the All-In pre-workout, Mutant has put together the Madness All-In Bundle, which saves you 30% overall. It includes a shaker, lifting straps, a tube of All-In stick packs, and a full-size tub of All-In for $67.86.