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Newcomer Digital Nutrition debuts its supplements and they’re a bit hit and miss

Digital Nutrition Supplement Launch

The NFT supplement company Digital Nutrition, which we posted about recently, has officially launched all of its sports nutrition products, and they haven’t turned out as comprehensive and complete as we had hoped. Most newcomers these days, at the very least, pack out their supplements, as to be in the mix, reliable ingredients and good dosages are a must.

Protein powders

Digital Nutrition has launched with five products, two more than we initially thought, with two pre-workouts and three protein powders. The protein powders are mostly straightforward, with Whey Isolate being a premium and lean whey isolate supplement; Natural Whey Protein featuring a blend of whey sources; then Vegan Protein, which is a bit more complex, combining plant protein with MCTs and a superfood blend.

Digital Nutrition Protein Powder

Subpar pre-Workouts

As for Digital Nutrition’s pre-workouts named Pre-Workout and Nitric Shock, surprisingly, they’re both stimulant-powered products, and their key ingredients are much the same. We were hoping for full dosages throughout the supplements, something you see from most new brands these days; however, that isn’t completely the case with Digital Nutrition.

Digital Nutrition’s Pre-Workout brings together a blend of B vitamins with light dosages of creatine and beta-alanine at a gram each, another light feature with half a gram of betaine, 100mg of Dynamine, and 225mg of caffeine. The pump enhancing pure citrulline is in there and at a very impressive amount, well above the standard of the others at 7.5g.

Digital Nutrition Pre Workout Label

Digital Nutrition’s other pre-workout, Nitric Shock, is less impressive next to Pre-Workout. That one also includes citrulline and creatine, although it’s citrulline malate at just 2g, and the creatine is slightly higher but still low at 2g. Caffeine is in there as well at a moderate 200mg and finally an 800mg focus blend with the likes of bacopa, theanine, choline bitartrate, DMAE, and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

Where to buy

As mentioned, Digital Nutrition’s protein powders — Whey Isolate, Natural Whey Protein, and Vegan Protein — are fairly straightforward and have what you’d want, but the pre-workouts aren’t quite there. The mostly low dosages of Pre-Workout and Nitric Shock have them falling behind a fair bit compared to what’s out there, and they’re not overly cost-effective at $34.99 for a tub of 30 servings.