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Nutristat gives its complex creatine a rather large 38g serving size

Nutristat Crea Script

The creative minds at Nutristat have come up with an all-new supplement that’s all about enhancing and supporting muscle strength and size. The brand is keeping all of the product’s details close to its chest, only revealing the picture you can see above, which doesn’t tell us everything, but enough to get an idea of the direction of the supplement and its intentions.

As mentioned, Nutristat’s next all-new product is formulated to support muscle strength and size, with its name being Crea Script, and it is, of course, a creatine-based supplement. The upcoming Crea Script does indeed feature tried and true, premium CreaPure creatine monohydrate, although without seeing its facts panel, we know for sure that’s not all that’s in there.

Nutristat’s Crea Script has a rather large serving size of 38g, and with CreaPure’s typical dose being 5g, once again, there is definitely more than creatine in the product. We’re guessing there are carbohydrates in the supplement as well, as carbs are a common inclusion in complex creatine formulas, and potentially more to support the strength and size benefits.

Nutristat is known to put together advanced and effective sports nutrition products, so we’re looking forward to seeing how well this actually turns out and how close we are with that creatine and carbohydrate combination.