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Promera refreshes the look of its flagship supplement CON-CRET creatine HCl

Promera Sports Rebrands Con Cret

Promera Sports’ signature creatine supplement CON-CRET, featuring patented creatine HCl, hasn’t had too many different looks over the years, and when it’s changed, it has remained very recognizable. The last makeover we can remember from the brand came back in 2018, introducing a new look for CON-CRET and its other supplements.

Late in 2021, Promera Sports has done it again and unveiled a refreshed label design for its original concentrated creatine product CON-CRET, which you can see for yourself in the image above. Like most rebrands, Promera’s brings a more modern vibe to the creatine-based supplement, with a little less contrast and more consistent tones across the board.

Promera Sports has kept yellow as the main color of CON-CRET, and on the inside, fans can expect to get all of the same ingredients, dosages, and results, as only the outside has changed. The brand’s new look is hitting stores in early November but can already be seen and purchased at Walmart, where 48 serving tubs of CON-CRET cost $14.98.