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Unique Whole Lotta Chocolata flavor is coming to the Bang Energy Shot

Whole Lotta Chololata Bang Energy Shot

Beverage brand Bang Energy recently released what could be one of its most unique or at least intriguing flavor creations ever with Whole Lotta Chocolata for its signature and very popular Bang Energy drink. It is indeed a chocolate carbonated beverage, and while it only came to market about two weeks ago, there is already news of an expansion of the flavor to another Bang product.

An image has surfaced of the more compact, carbonated, and on-the-go Bang Energy Shot in that one-of-a-kind Whole Lotta Chocolata flavor. The product has yet to be added to the brand’s online store at, although we have to imagine it will be soon, and, of course, pack all of the shot’s usual highlights, with Super Creatine and 300mg of caffeine just like the Bang Energy drink.

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