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Mysterious capsule supplement R-600 coming later this month from Apollon

Apollon Nutrition R 600

If you’re a regular Stack3d reader, you’ll know, Apollon Nutrition has had an absolutely incredible year, pumping out all-new supplements left and right, as well as updating many products that are already available. The brand recently released its stimulant-free and stackable pump-enhancing capsule supplement Bloody Hell, and just a few days ago, it unveiled its second protein powder, IsoBlast.

With so much on its plate, you wouldn’t think Apollon Nutrition had more to serve up before the end of the year, although as per usual, it has come through and surprised us. To round out the week, the hardcore supplement company has announced another upcoming product, introducing the capsule formula R-600, designed to increase and enhance energy and focus, and that’s all we know.

Apollon Nutrition hasn’t said anything else about R-600, leaving fans and followers to speculate what’s in the supplement and how it’ll squeeze into the brand’s ever-growing lineup. The even more exciting news is, whatever R-600 turns out to be, Apollon is planning to launch it this month, making for an exciting November as there is a chance IsoBlast arrives in that timeframe too.

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