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New and improved EAmino Max to follow the return of Performax’s protein

Performax Labs Eamino Max

Just a couple of days after it confirmed its protein powder IsoWheyMax, which is returning tomorrow, Performax Labs has announced another one of its past supplements getting a revamp and return. The reputable brand’s full-spectrum amino EAmino Max is the product the brand plans to launch after IsoWheyMax, in about one to two weeks from now.

Performax Labs introduced EAmino Max a few years ago, featuring a recovery, hydration, and performance powering formula, including a combined 7g of all nine EAAs with 6g of that BCAAs. Alongside the aminos, the main focus of the supplement, the brand also threw in electrolytes, coconut water, a solid 1.5g of HICA, and 2g of carnitine tartrate.

While those ingredients and dosages above were what Performax Labs had in its previous EAmino Max, that may not be the case in the rebranded version coming in the next couple of weeks. The brand has said it’s made some changes to the formula, although its main feature will still be a full spectrum of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery and repair.

Another change in EAmino Max is the flavor side of things as Performax Labs is relaunching it in three fresh new options with Pineapple Mojito, Passionfruit Iced Tea Lemonade, and Cucumber Lime. The brand really impressed us with the taste of its latest HyperMax, so we have to imagine these will be just as on point since the original already had great flavor.