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FIt Butters making use of Italian Rainbow Cookies Lean Whey in a limited flavor for Black Friday

Fit Butters Italian Rainbow Cookie Almond Butter

FIt Butters from Fitness Informant is a high-protein nut butter brand with a difference, where it partners with popular supplement companies and puts their protein powder in the spread to pump up the protein. Each of those collaborations is also based around the flavor of the protein powder, such as Caramel Fudge Coconut Cookie made using Muscle Sport’s Caramel Coconut Lean Whey.

In a few weeks’ time, FIt Butters is dropping another new flavor of its high protein nut butter, where it is once again partnering with Muscle Sport to use a specific flavor of its popular and well-known Lean Whey protein powder. That flavor is Italian Rainbow Cookie, and it will feature an almond-based butter made using the Muscle Sport Lean Whey flavor of the same name, Italian Rainbow Cookies.

In combination with the Italian Rainbow Cookies Lean Whey, FIt Butters Italian Rainbow Cookie almond butter promises a rich and tasty chocolate flavor with a hint of raspberry. The product will have a limited-time launch through the brand’s website for Black Friday, and with that being the occasion it is, you can count on FIt Butters having some sort of sale alongside the nut butter’s arrival.