Gaming brand G Fuel teases a potential collaboration with The Matrix Resurrections

Nov 29th, 2021
G Fuel X The Matrix

G Fuel has done some massive collaborations over the past year or so, most of which are not food or flavor connected in any way but are with mainstream companies or organizers. The most exciting partnerships we’ve seen from the hugely popular gaming brand were with movies such as The Free Guy’s Flavor Bomb, Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s Black and Red Ooze, and of course, the awesome Spider-Man: No Way Home series.

G Fuel has just teased another collaboration that is arguably on the same scale as its 11 different products put together in partnership with Spider-Man: No Way Home. The brand has posted a teaser featuring the G Fuel logo infused with The Matrix theme and the words “coming soon”. That is more than enough for us to assume G Fuel is teaming up with The Matrix for some special edition flavors and products like with Spider-Man.

It is also no coincidence The Matrix is returning to the big screen in about three weeks, with the first Matrix film in 18 years with The Matrix Resurrections. Basically, if G Fuel did have a partnership with The Matrix Resurrections up its sleeve, now would be the time to tease. Knowing the gaming brand, we’ll have more details on what exactly its mysterious teaser is all about in the coming days or weeks, so be sure to stay tuned.

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