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HD Muscle and a selection of its packed out products now available at Vitamin Shoppe

Hd Muscle Now Available At Vitamin Shoppe

Canadian supplement company HD Muscle has been incredibly impressive since its burst onto the scene early last year, which is why it was nominated for our Newcomer Of The Year Award in 2020. The brand has put together some truly packed out products and covers very specific categories you don’t see many companies touch, especially as in-depth as HD Muscle does.

It is because the brand makes such high-quality, advanced, and reliable supplements that today’s development is even more exciting to share, as it puts HD Muscle’s reputable lineup in front of a bigger audience. The news is, you can now find the brand and a small selection of its extensive lineup of products at the major supplement and nutrition retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe.

If you head to The Vitamin Shoppe’s online store, you’ll find three HD Muscle products available in the GDA Glyco-HD, the fat burner Burn-HD, and the carbohydrate formula Carb-HD. It is just a small selection to start with three others already listed on the website but not in stock with the intra-workout Intra-HD, and the two powerful pre-workouts Pre-HD Elite and Pre-HD Ultra.

Once again, it’s great to see a brand as well-put-together as HD Muscle, find its way into The Vitamin Shoppe, as it will definitely and deservedly get its name out there further and put its supplements in front of more eyes.