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Hosstile launches its straightforward Stacked Series of seven supplements

Hosstile Stacked Series

Fouad Abiad’s brand Hosstile has a whole bunch of new products out this week, although they’re all a part of its simple, straightforward, and well-named Stacked Series. There are seven supplements in the collection, all titled after their one and only main ingredient, and they can be stacked together and with other Hosstile products, hence the name of the series.

The Hosstile Stacked Series includes the usual standalone suspects in Creatine and Glutamine, alongside Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, and the performance and endurance supporting PeakO2. There is also PurCaf with 200mg of PurCaf natural caffeine in each of its 100 capsules, and CDX, a carbohydrate formula that uses premium Cluster Dextrin branded HBCD.

All of the Hosstile Stacked Series supplements are available in unflavored powder, except for PurCaf, as mentioned, that comes in capsules, and CDX has an additional flavored option in Mixed Berry. They are bulk products, so you can dose them to your liking; for example, Citrulline has 3g in each of its 60 servings, but you can bump that to 6g and get 30 servings.

Hosstile’s online store is the place to grab any or all of the new Stacked Series products, with prices ranging from $16.99 for PurCaf, up to $29.99 for PeakO2, Glutamine, and Citrulline, and CDX the most expensive at $59.99 for a tub of 40, 26g servings.