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HTLT continues to expand with the release of its first entry into the amino category

Htlt Eaa Hydrate

Greg Doucette’s supplement company HTLT, which is an acronym for his signature phrase “Harder Than Last Time”, has been quite impressive since it arrived in July. After introducing its line of sports nutrition products with a protein powder, pre-workout, and fat burner, it has continued to add to its selection with several more specialized supplements such as Turk Builder and Liver Support.

The growth and expansion of HTLT continue this week with the launch of another mainstream category product. Greg Doucette and his brand have released their first-ever amino called EAA Hydrate. It actually explains all of its features in its name, featuring a tropical-flavored combination of EAAs, including the all-important BCAAs, and a handful of ingredients to support and improve hydration and performance.

Htlt Eaa Hydrate Label

The formula behind HTLT’s EAA Hydrate consists of 7.5g of eight of the nine EAAs to support muscle recovery, with 5g of that BCAAs, and the one EAA missing being methionine. There are also electrolytes for the hydration side and a gram of coconut water. The amino-powered supplement is available now from the brand’s website at $29.99 for a 30 serving tub or $25 each when buying three.

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