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GAAM kicks off the season of giving by welcoming back its Julmust energy drink

Julmust Gaam Energy Drink

It is indeed that time of year, the season of giving, and Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget is getting in on the fun with the return of its limited-edition flavor under its house brand GAAM Nutrition. The flavor is the sweet, malty, and cola-like Swedish soda Julmust, which is a beverage that hits mainstream shelves in Sweden for Easter and Christmas, with the latter being where we are currently.

The product that GAAM Nutrition offers Julmust for is its popular energy drink GAAM Energy, featuring vitamins, no sugar, almost zero calories, and it has an energizing 180mg of caffeine. You can now purchase Julmust GAAM Energy once again from Proteinbolaget’s online store, but only for a limited time, and with the product’s usual purchase options of a single can and cases of 24.