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Muscletech combines whey, creatine and free form BCAAs for its latest protein powder

Muscletech Whey Muscle Builder

At this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, legacy brand Muscletech previewed an all-new protein powder, although, at the time, it didn’t share too much information. The product was Whey + Muscle Builder, a more complex protein powder compared to your typical competitor, bringing together whey as a reliable source of protein and the strength and performance supporting creatine.

That supplement has finally made its way to market as we hit the final two months of the year, not just making Muscletech Whey + Muscle Builder available for purchase, but revealing what’s actually in it. The nutrition side of the product includes 30g of protein from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, 4g of carbohydrates, 2g of that sugar, 2.5g of fat, and a total of 160 calories.

In addition to the protein-powered macros, Muscletech has added free form BCAAs to Whey + Muscle Builder as well as that previously confirmed creatine. The creatine is tried and true creatine monohydrate at 3g per serving, and we don’t know the amount of BCAAs, as the brand only lists their dose in combination with the BCAAs that naturally occur in the blend of whey protein.

Muscletech’s Whey + Muscle Builder is expected to be rolling out to all of its usual retailers, although you can already grab it from the brand’s online store. At you’ll pay $27.97 for a 2lb tub of the complex protein powder in Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Cream flavors, and with that high protein and added ingredients, you don’t get a lot of servings from 2lbs at 15.