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Naughty Boy teases its intriguing Winter Soldier Collection only available in winter

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Collection

Naughty Boy has been incredibly impressive this year, just as much as it was last year when it first came to market. The UK-based brand has teased, revealed, and released several new supplements and flavors, and even as the year comes to a close, it is not slowing down. Naughty Boy just unveiled its cream of rice product Cream Of The Crop and teased its entry into the energy drink space.

We’ve got another teaser to share with you this week from Naughty Boy, and as exciting as the news of a beverage from the brand was, this one is a bit more intriguing. Naughty Boy is coming out with a line of products called the Winter Soldier Collection, and it will only be available during the months of December, January, and February, which is the cold winter season, and it’ll return every year.

Based on the name and availability, we suspect the Naughty Boy series is a family of products to support immunity and general health, as the name Winter Soldier and that time of year seem to be the perfect fit. If this is what the brand has cooked up, it’ll be interesting to see how all of it turns out; as mentioned; it is a collection of different supplements that you can all presumably stack together.

More details on Naughty Boy’s Winter Soldier Collection will be along soon; once again, it’s due to be available annually in December, January, and February. Based on that, we should be getting everything you need to know about the line and its products soon with only three weeks until the final month of the year is here.

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