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Ninja reveals it also has a pump pre-workout on the way named Ninja Swole

Ninja Swole Coming Soon

As mentioned in our recent post on the coming soon supplement Ninja Mode, the still fresh and relatively new company Ninja is gearing up to release two products. Ninja Mode is going to put the brand in the growing world of gaming supplements, while its other one, Ninja Swole, will be the brand’s stimulant-free pre-workout built to enhance muscle pumps.

While Ninja Swole will have solid ingredients and dosages for that primary benefit of better pumps during your workout, that’s not where the experience ends. Ninja has actually formulated Ninja Swole as more of a comprehensive stimulant-free pre-workout, packing it with several other ingredients to support performance and endurance, and enhance focus.

We have had the pleasure of trying the entire catalog of supplements from Ninja and found them all to be reliable and as effective as advertised, especially the sleep aid Ninja Zen, hence why we did a full review of it. We have no reason to believe the brand won’t continue that reliability and effectiveness into its new products Ninja Swole and Ninja Mode.

As previously confirmed, Ninja Mode is due to release in 12 days from today on Cyber Monday, while Ninja Swole will arrive a few days earlier on Black Friday. Both launches are within that Black Friday sales event timeframe, and will give you the opportunity to purchase the gaming and pre-workout supplements at a discount or with some kind of deal.

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