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Study shows NooLVL works from the first dose and in as little as 15 minutes

Noolvl Study

When it comes to esports or gaming supplements, many of them include energy and focus-enhancing ingredients you may already be familiar with from sports nutrition products like pre-workouts. NooLVL is a rarity, as it’s a premium branded ingredient that is promoted and studied for gamer-specific benefits and used in popular, big-name brand supplements such as Advanced GG, Ghost Gamer, and Outbreak’s effective FPS.

Nutrition21’s NooLVL is a patented blend of bonded arginine and silicon, and inositol, best-dosed at a full 1.6g per serving. It is backed by several research studies and comes with impressive and relevant benefits such as improved accuracy and increased stimulant-free energy. The company has now extended that list of effects and highlights following the publishing of a study specifically on NooLVL performed at Texas A&M University.

The study showed that NooLVL was able to enhance cognitive performance after just one dose and in as little as 15 minutes and saw improvements in memory, reaction, and concentration. All of those benefits are, of course, ideal for gamers, especially reaction time, and further show why so many brands are putting NooLVL in gaming supplements. You can check out the published study for yourself in full over at

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