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Nootramine reveals its third upcoming product in the EAA-powered Aminos

Nootramine Aminos

Freak Label’s all-new and more mainstream supplement company Nootramine has details on another one of its upcoming products. Over the past couple of weeks, the brand has shared everything you need to know about its fairly straightforward pre-workout and protein powder. The latest supplement unveiled by the brand is Nootramine Aminos, which is, of course, an amino-based formula.

From what we can tell, Nootramine Aminos features all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair at a combined 7g per serving, with well over half of that being BCAAs at 5g. The brand has thrown a few other ingredients into the product to make it slightly more complex, including 1.25g of betaine, 750mg of taurine, and a blend of electrolytes to support hydration and performance.

While Nootramine Aminos isn’t supremely advanced, it comes off more complete and complex than the other supplements we’ve seen from the soon-to-be-released Russian brand. There is still no exact date for when Nootramine and its pre-workout, protein, and amino are going to be available, although we suspect it’s soon based on the rate the brand has been revealing its debut products.

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