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MTN DEW Rise energy drink officially changes its name to MTN DEW Energy

Mtn Dew Energy Drink

Following Rise Brewing winning its preliminary injunction to drop the use of the word “rise” in its trademark lawsuit against PepsiCo, MTN DEW Rise energy drink has officially changed its name. The beverage was launched earlier this year, backed by the legendary basketball player Lebron James, and combines caffeine, citicoline, vitamins, minerals, low calories, and reasonably good flavors.

The new name of MTN DEW Rise is a little bit simpler and more to the point with MTN DEW Energy. The product still has all of those same key ingredients, including the energizing caffeine at 180mg, 5% fruit juice, citicoline, and 25 calories a can. It also comes in the same set of six different flavors with the likes of Strawberry Melon Spark, Peach Mango Dawn, and Tropical Sunrise.

MTN DEW Rise has yet to update images on its website, although many other places have already been edited. The energy drink’s Instagram handle is now “mtndewenergy” and if you head to Amazon, you can see pictures of the beverage have been changed. The newly named MTN DEW Energy has the same layout and colors as the original, but with the word “Energy” in place of “Rise”.