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Rocka continues its push to be completely vegan-friendly by the end of the year

Rocka Nutrition Rocka Whey Discontinued

To start the year, Germany’s Rocka Nutrition made a significant announcement in that before the close of 2021, it would have only plant-based and vegan-friendly supplements. That meant the discontinuation of all of its dairy products and giving its many retailers plenty of time to sell through stock so fans won’t even see any in stores and on shelves either.

Rocka Nutrition is very much following through on that promise, still several months later, continuing its campaign to have nothing that isn’t plant-based available. With two months left in the year, the brand is pushing to clear out all of its non-vegan-friendly supplements, including its obviously whey-based protein powder, Yum Yum Whey.

Yum Yum Whey is one of the few products that isn’t plant-based still available on Rocka Nutrition’s website, although that won’t be the case for long. To clear out the remaining stock, the brand is running a strong sale on the supplement where you can get tubs of 25 servings, each packing 23g of protein for a discounted €17.59 (20.35 USD).