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UXO adds one new flavor each to its protein powders Post ISO and Pro Refit

Uxo Supplements Cookies Post Iso

Over the weekend, UXO Supplements restocked its whey isolate-based protein powder Post ISO, although if you rushed in to purchase the product, you would have been met with a surprise. Not only did the brand restock the supplement, but it also added another flavor to Post ISO as well as its other competitor in the category, the more cost-effective and blend style formula Pro Refit.

The new addition to UXO Supplements’ Post ISO is a rather traditional taste in Vanilla Cream, making it a total of three flavors for the product, and coming to Pro Refit to make it four flavors is a classic Cookies & Cream. Both of those are now available for purchase directly from the brand, through its online store in 2lb tubs at $39.99 for Post ISO and slightly less for Pro Refit at $36.99.