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One-of-a-kind Protein Cream Cake debuts in Finaflex’s online store in boxes of 12

Finaflex Protein Cream Cake

If you liked the look of Finaflex’s recently revealed and one-of-a-kind Protein Cream Cake, you’ll be pleased to know the high-protein treat is now available for purchase. Protein Cream Cake is another unique protein snack from the brand that brought you the equally creative Oatmeal Protein Pie, but this time it’s two moist and smooth cakes with a creamy filling in between.

Finaflex’s Protein Cream Cake has a moderate amount of protein, coming in at 14g per cake, alongside 21g of carbohydrates with 11g of that sugar, 19g of fat, and a total of 300 calories. We’ll have our full hands-on review of the snack online in the coming weeks, although once again, it is something different, with its unique cake build, not a format we’ve seen for a protein product before.

One of the first and currently best places to purchase the promising Protein Cream Cake is directly from Finaflex’s own online store, where the protein treat will cost you $29.95 for a box of 12 cakes. That works out to a reasonable $2.50 per protein-packed cake snack, with major supplement retailers like GNC expected to be stocking the product soon, if not already.

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