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Built Brands releases another two flavor extensions for Cyber Monday

White Chocolate Cheesecake Built Bar

For Black Friday, the functional brand Built Brands, known for its soft, sweet, and high-protein Built Bar, released three special edition products alongside a strong sale. On the sale side, the brand discounted everything by 20%, and for new releases, Built dropped Lemon Dipped Cheesecake and Ruby Chocolate Built Puffs, and the all-new freebie-exclusive Built Crave.

For Cyber Monday, Built Brands has switched things up a bit, keeping the discount and deal the same at 20% off everything using the coupon “BUILT” and two free Built Crave bars per order. Where things have been shaken up is much like Friday, the brand has launched a couple of new flavors, and this time around, one is for Built Puffs and the other the popular Built Bar.

The flavor extensions Built Brands has put together and decided to drop for Cyber Monday are a White Chocolate Cheesecake Built Puffs and a rather unique Caramel Almond Delight Built Bar. Both of those are available through the brand’s website, and if you get in before the end of today, you can use that code “BUILT” and save 20% on them as well as everything else.