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Hydration-supporting Core Electrolytes in the works and coming soon

Core Nutritionals Core Electrolytes

Despite the already large size and broad range of supplements Core Nutritionals already has in its arsenal, it continues to add premium and advanced products that fit right in. Its recently released Lifeline Series is a great example of that, where the brand dropped five comprehensive supplements for specific areas of health and wellness with the likes of Core Gut, Core Heart, and Core Liver.

Now confirmed to be coming down the pipeline from the reputable Core Nutritionals is a dedicated hydration product named Core Electrolytes. The supplement will, of course, feature electrolytes to support hydration, performance, and endurance. However, knowing the brand, there is a good chance it’ll have some other ingredients thrown in to support that main focus of improved hydration.

Another interesting detail for the upcoming Core Electrolytes is that it will be Core Nutritionals’ first-ever stick product coming in single-serving stick packs instead of the traditional bulk powder. The brand is currently only talking about and working on Core Electrolytes, so it may be a while before we see it out and available, although we’ll be sure to share more information as soon as we have it.