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Core completes its comprehensive Lifeline Series with Core Heart

Core Nutritionals Core Heart

Core Heart is the fifth final entry Core Nutritionals Lifeline Series, which is all about supporting and enhancing different areas of health and wellness. It is something we’ve seen from a few other brands, although Core has really taken an advanced approach. Core Gut, Core Soothe, Core Liver, and Core Prostate all come with complex formulas, and now we have Core Heart.

Core Nutritionals’ Core Heart is built to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve cardiovascular function, and provide truly comprehensive heart support and health. Again, it is the same kind of approach the brand has taken with its four other Lifeline Series supplements, and it is backed by a quality formula, completely geared towards the one main area of health.

Core Nutritionals Core Heart Label

We’ve got the facts panel for Core Heart in the image above, including half a gram each of curcumin, bergamot, trans-resveratrol, red yeast rice, coQ10, and a gram each of hawthorn berry and olive extract. The product wraps all of its ingredients and transparent dosages into a six capsule serving size and you get the usual 30 servings a bottle to supply you for a typical month.

As with the other Lifeline Series supplements, Core Nutritionals is running a limited-time deal with the launch of Core Heart exclusively through its online store. The offer keeps the single bottle price the same at $54.99; however, if you purchase any two products from the Lifeline Series, including two bottles of Core Heart, you’ll get them for a slightly discounted $50 each.

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