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Built Brands turns traditional Eggnog into a flavor of its signature Built Bar

Eggng Built Bar

The ever-busy functional company Built Brands pumps out unique and limited edition flavors for its signature protein snack Built Bar very frequently. For Black Friday, the brand debuted the all-new Built Crave as a limited-time exclusive; for Halloween, it dropped a Paranormal Pumpkin Built Puffs; and with Christmas right around the corner, it has yet another new release.

Built Brands has put together a festive-themed Eggnog flavor of its popular Built Bar, combining the protein bar’s typically strong nutrition profile with that traditional rich and sweet Eggnog experience. The product squeezes in a solid 17g of protein, 20g of carbohydrates with 5g of sugar and 5g of fiber, 2.5g of fat, and an impressively lean calorie count of 140.

You can grab Built Brands’ Eggnog Built Bar from its online store, and unfortunately, there is no deal or discount to celebrate the launch. You’ll be paying the protein bar’s usual price of $26.95 for a box of a dozen bars, working out to $2.24 each.