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FIt Butters announces its promising collaboration with Glaxon and Protos Whey

Fit Butters X Glaxon Sea Salted Chocolate Truffle

FIt Butters recently teased some sort of collaboration between its delicious inclusion-filled, high-protein nut butter and the premium and reliable sports nutrition brand Glaxon. We suspected the partnership to be for a special edition nut butter made using Glaxon’s Protos protein powder, which did only just hit the market with Protos Whey and Protos Vegan.

It turns out we were spot on with our suspicion, as FIt Butters is indeed working together with Glaxon for a protein-packed nut butter made using its Protos protein powder, specifically the whey-based version. It is going to be peanut-based nut butter, and the flavor will play off of Protos Whey’s Chocolate Milk with a delicious-sounding Sea Salted Chocolate Truffle.

It definitely looks like another great collaboration from FIt Butters, although it won’t be available for another couple of months, with the growing functional brand aiming to have it out somewhere between January and February.