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Tristyn Lee and his brothers get ready to release their premium brand Chimera

Chimera Nutrition

Chimera Nutrition is an all-new supplement company launching within the next few weeks, and while there isn’t much information out there yet, it will have an audience right out of the gate. The brand is from the hugely popular fitness influencer Tristyn Lee, who has a massive 1.9 million followers on Instagram, alongside his brothers Tyler and Braedon Lee.

The only details we have on the upcoming Chimera Nutrition outside of who it’s coming from and the name of the brand is the sneak peek in the image above. That picture is of one of Chimera’s debut products, where we can see it’s gone with a sleek custom-molded lid, a mostly black label design, and the supplement itself is some sort of flavored powder formula.

The industry expert Supplement Snoop has also confirmed he’s been working with Tristyn, Tyler, and Braedon Lee to create Chimera Nutrition, so plenty of experience has gone into it. When you combine all of that information with the popularity of the people behind it, we’re certainly excited to see how the brand finally turns out and how well it’s received.

Once again, Chimera Nutrition has not launched yet but is expected to within the coming weeks. You can head to the location of its future online store, where you’ll find a sign-up form to be notified as soon as the brand and its first line of products go live. If you sign up, you’ll also be given a strong 15% discount on release, making it well worth getting over there.

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