Naughty Boy wins International Brand Of The Year for the second year running

Dec 8th, 2021
Naughty Boy International Brand Of The Year

Last year our winner for International Brand Of The Year was the UK-based Naughty Boy, which was also nominated for Newcomer Of The Year as it had only just launched 12 months earlier. For 2021 Naughty Boy has once again taken home the award and in an even more impressive fashion as the still very young company absolutely destroyed the year.

As with most of our annual Brand Of The Year categories, for International Brand Of The Year, we look for those that have been pumping out exciting and effective supplements consistently across the year. Naughty Boy did that so much we’re nominating it for our overall Brand Of The Year, as there weren’t many months in the year it didn’t have something to tease, reveal, or release.

Naughty Boy Whey Protein

In the fast-paced 12 months of 2021, Naughty Boy launched SickPump Nitro, a capsule version of its fat burner The Drip, a value-size of Bran-New, and its first-ever protein powder in a delicious selection of flavors. There were several new flavors of the brand’s original pre-workout Menace, although the big ones for Naughty Boy were its Illmatic and Winter Soldier Series.

Illmatic or the Amino Family is Naughty Boy’s Series of amino supplements featuring more than your usual one product. The brand decided to tackle the category from as many angles as possible with four formulas. There is a BCAA-based option, a supplement with all nine EAAs, a carbohydrate-infused concoction, and the premium amino powerhouse Illmatic Intra.

Naughty Boy Illmatic Eaa

As for Naughty Boy’s Winter Soldier Series, that is another impressive selection of products launched this month and backed by some absolutely loaded formulas. Another interesting detail for the Winter Solider Series is it’s only available during the cold winter months, something we’ve never seen before, with supplements only available in set months each year.

Naughty Boy has truly not stopped since hitting the market in late 2019 and is really setting the standard for international supplement companies, showing they can be as productive, if not more, than any brand out there. The UK brand has already highlighted several products it has planned for 2022, so as intense as the last couple of years have been, Naughty Boy is not slowing down.