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Standalone quercetin capsules arriving alongside Nutrabio’s other new products

Nutrabio Quercetin

Last month we got our first look at Nutrabio’s fairly self-explanatory supplement Vitamin D3 K2, featuring a combination of those two vitamins in its title. Earlier this week, the reputable brand followed that news with confirmation of another flavor for its packed-out, powerhouse intra-workout Leg Day in one of its own delicious flavor creations in New York Punch.

Those products mentioned above are arriving this Friday, and there will be one other Nutrabio supplement alongside them with the simple, single-ingredient formula Quercetin. It is, of course, named after its key ingredient, which is included at a gram in each of its 30, two-capsule servings per bottle to support cardiovascular health and strengthen your immune system.

Once again, Nutrabio is launching Vitamin D3 K2 and New York Punch Leg Day as well as Quercetin through its online store at this coming Friday.

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