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Quamtrax unveils chocolate-covered protein cereal for its growing Oh My Series

Quamtrax Nutrition Oh My Breakfast

Oh My is a series of creative and delicious functional products from the Spanish supplement company Quamtrax Nutrition, now consisting of a lot more than its original Oh My Bar. There is the jar of crunchy protein pieces in Oh My Crunchy, the sweet and creamy protein spread Oh My Creamy, and to close out the year, the brand has announced Oh My Breakfast.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s newest addition to its growing Oh My collection is, as the name suggests, a healthy breakfast cereal. Oh My Breakfast is made with puffed oat flakes, bran, and to give it the signature Oh My high protein, crunchy puff protein pieces. To add even more flavor, the puff pieces are covered in your choice of dark chocolate or white chocolate.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s Oh My Breakfast is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and while we don’t know any of its macros just yet, as mentioned, it is high in protein and has no added sugar. By the sounds of things, the newest Oh My product is already available in the brand’s home country of Spain, if not then soon, and it comes in sizeable 500g boxes.