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Belgian gaming brand Bear Eats Bar gets ready to release its second-ever flavor

Bear Eats Bar Vortex

The European gaming brand Bear Eats Bar which makes a convenient and nutritious, high-protein snack instead of a stimulating energy and focus supplement, is getting ready to drop another flavor of its flagship product. At the moment, its protein bar is available in only one option, albeit a tasty one, with the Double Chocolate Caramel flavor called Bear Eats Tiger, packing 15g of protein into its small 43g snack.

The upcoming flavor from Bear Eats Bar does appear to have its own unique title, like Bear Eats Tiger, although it is not as similar to the name of the brand. Coming soon from Bear Eats Bar for its protein-packed snack is a flavor called Vortex, which is Vanilla Red Berry. It sounds like a much lighter and sweeter experience and will go nicely alongside that original chocolate caramel combination of Bear Eat Tiger.

Initial pictures of Bear Eats Bar’s Vortex flavor do show the protein snack tips the scales at 40g a piece, just 3g lighter than Bear Eats Tiger, suggesting the macros won’t be the same but not far off. The product is currently due to launch in just under one week on Thursday of next week.