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Nutrabolt confirms more flavor collabs are planned with the confectionery giant Mars

C4 Energy Collaboration Podcast

We recently sat down with the head of product content at Nutrabolt, Greg Tetzlaff, to talk all about what the brand has been up to this past year, including its first-ever collaborations. If you somehow missed it, in 2021, Cellucor partnered with Mars for four authentic Starburst flavors of the C4 Energy drink, and to start this year; it teamed up with Mars again for an authentic Skittles C4 Energy.

You can hear the whole interview with Nutrabolt’s Greg Tetzlaff on all of the usual podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, and Soundcloud. Once again, we covered many different topics with Greg, most importantly Cellucor’s C4 flavor collaborations. They were, of course, a huge hit for the brand and can now be found in many different stores and stockists nationwide.

Greg Tetzlaff answered many questions about the partnership flavors, including why there are four individual Starburst flavors and one Skittles. The answer to that is you typically eat Skittles a handful at a time, so the idea of having all of the flavors in one made sense. Another question we asked was since Mars has many famous foods and candies to its name, are more collaborations coming?

Greg Tetzlaff was able to confirm that with Nutrabolt’s Mars partnership in place and established; fans can expect to see more authentic flavors based on Mars products later down the road. The catalog of snacks and treats owned by the confectionary giant is absolutely huge, with a mountain of potential flavors that could pair with the C4 Energy drink as well as Starburst and Skittles.

Once again, check out any of those podcast platforms mentioned earlier to hear the entire interview with Nutrabolt’s Greg Tetzlaff, and by the sounds of things, you can definitely be excited for what’s to come from the company behind Cellucor, C4, and Xtend.

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