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Gainomax adds magnesium to its new Double Chocolate Protein Bar

Double Chocolate Gainomax Protein Bar

The Gainomax Protein Bar is one of the few products from the functional Swedish brand Gainomax, featuring a great selection of flavors and a solid amount of protein, up to 18g per bar. A couple of those flavors are special edition Protein Bar+ and have added ingredients, including Peanut Fudge infused with caffeine and Dark Chocolate Mint with added creatine.

Another flavor has joined the growing menu of the Gainomax Protein Bar this month, and it is another Protein Bar+ variant, combining the product’s usual high-protein nutrition profile with an extra dose of magnesium. As for the name of the newest Gainomax Protein Bar flavor, it is another chocolate creation, more chocolate than any others in Double Chocolate.

The Double Chocolate Gainomax Protein Bar is out now in Sweden, packing a typical set of macros for the on-the-go product with 17g of protein, around 25g of carbohydrates, just over 8g of fat, and about 240 calories.