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HTLT’s Casein + Whey lands a second flavor less than a week after its debut

Htlt Casein Whey Protein Maple Cookie

Last week, Greg Doucette’s supplement brand HTLT dropped a third protein powder Casein + Whey Protein, featuring, of course, a blend of whey concentrate and slow-digesting casein. The product packs the usual 25g of protein per serving, although it did only launch with one flavor to choose from, and it was a traditional taste in Vanilla Ice Cream.

Less than a week later, Greg Doucette and HTLT are back with another flavor for Casein + Whey Protein, giving fans something a little more creative and uncommon than Vanilla Ice Cream. Now available alongside that original protein powder option is a sweet Maple Cookie, featuring all of the same macros, including 25g of protein and a lean 120 calories.

You can grab HTLT’s Maple Cookie Casein + Whey Protein from its website at a reasonable $39.99 for a tub of 27 servings, so two more than Vanilla Ice Cream, or $34.99 each for three tubs.

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